Your Doctor

Dr. Ramon Nola, graduated from KU Medical School in Wichita, KS and completed his Family Medicine Residency at Wesley Hospital.

- Doxa Healthcare is meant to create a true patient and doctor relationship without the extra worry

My vision for Doxa Healthcare is to create a practice that is truly patient centered. Healthcare has become a complex and complicated system, and it is my passion to give you hope and the best medical care available.

While going through my medical training, I became increasingly frustrated with the system that Patients and Doctors are placed in. Doctors are constantly rushed with packed schedules, while Patients are inconvenienced with long wait times and short visits. You pay a fortune, and you never really get to say what you want. You may even feel like the Doctor isn't fully listening, and sadly, that may actually be the case. NOT AT DOXA. Our membership model allows you to have more time with the Doctor (me) and virtually no time in the waiting room. We give time and space for you and me to be transparent, honest and comprehensive; a place where true healing can begin. I'm excited to give you and/or your family the care you both deserve.

-Dr. Ramon Nola

photo credit: vst photography (Dr. Nola, Left, with Family)